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China Unicom, Cameroon Telecom and HUAWEI signed the the Atlantic international submarine fiber optic cable (SAIL) construction agreement

Date: 2017-06-28

    2017/6/27, at the China Unicom 2017 international partners conference, China Unicom, Cameroon Telecom and HUAWEI ocean signed the south the Atlantic international submarine fiber optic cable (SAIL) construction agreement. According to the agreement, SAIL submarine cable project will be China Unicom jointly with Cameroon Telecom, HUAWEI marine provide the total solution system, China Unicom led project implementation and post operation and maintenance management. The signing of the agreement marks the SAIL cable project officially entered the implementation stage. Lu Yimin, general manager of China Unicom, general manager of Cameroon Telecom David and HUAWEI CEO Guo Ping attended the signing ceremony and signed an agreement on behalf of the three parties. The signing ceremony was presided over by Jiang Zhengxin, vice president of China unicom.
    It is understood that the SAIL cable is about 6000 km, the design capacity of 32Tbit/s, will be built to connect the continent of Africa and the Americas, become the transmission capacity between Africa and South America, the minimum delay cable route, can provide high quality and reliable services to InterContinental communication. The project has been targeted by the president of Cameroon as an important initiative in the development of the digital economy.
    With the promotion of China's economic status and global competitiveness, as an important channel for international information flow, the strategic position of submarine optical fiber cables has been continuously strengthened, and it is a big battleground for the rise of the great powers. Since China Unicom attaches great importance to submarine cable resource allocation, construction safety and expedite the "information superhighway", the protection of national economic development; at the same time to play the role of technological innovation in submarine cable construction, led the overall development of communication industry.
    The China general manager of international business department Li Chong China Unicom, Unicom attaches great importance to international submarine cable global layout, rich international cable channel resources, in Asia, Africa and Europe, trans Pacific and other key investment direction has the construction of more than 30 submarine cables, with inside and outside the 7 submarine cable landing station, a total capacity of up to 12.1T. The sea along the direction, China communicated with countries and regions along the joint construction of Africa and Europe (AAE-1) submarine cable No. 1 and Southeast Asia Middle East West Europe 5 (SMW5), the first to form a double cable covering the maritime silk road. Chinese Burma international Unicom relying on throughout the land cable system of autonomous construction, through India ocean export, connecting China Ruili and Burma Wei, India ocean coast, realize the business extension of the Indochina Peninsula and southeast direction and coverage, can provide more abundant sea cable to channel resources for African Eurasian direction.
    In recent years, China Unicom China "The Belt and Road" actively expand exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the pace of "going out". On the one hand to increase overseas construction projects, and enhance the network ability of the products, to provide more communication services to customers; on the other hand, actively carry out international cooperation, diversified capital operation, strengthen the global cyber source layout, focus on Africa, South America and other potential market.
    In the country "The Belt and Road" initiative, SAIL submarine cable project is the telecom operators and equipment manufacturing enterprises hold together the sea, to participate in international production cooperation, opening up the overseas market, the cooperation of "going out" to try for the first time. With the steady implementation of the project, it will further stimulate the complementary advantages of Chinese enterprises, effectively promote the manufacturing capacity and operation experience, double output, enhance the brand effect and international influence of Chinese enterprises.
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