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To DWDM dense wavelength division multiplexer, preferred Hengtong Future Technology Co., Ltd.

Date: 2017-06-29

DWDM, the Wave Division Multiplexing, is considered one of the best technologies to increase bandwidth through existing optical fiber devices. It supports the use of a dense wavelength division multiplexing device to create multi-root "virtual fiber" to achieve this through different wavelengths (or colors). DWDM technology used in the earliest long-distance signal transmission, because in the regional and international SONET network, DWDM technology in the amplified signal, dispersion compensation and signal regeneration of superior performance, greatly reduce the cost of network equipment. DWDM technology is becoming more and more popular with the demand of network and local exchange network. Let's take a look at some of the common, dense, multiplexed devices.


DWDM dense wavelength division multiplexer

DWDM dense wavelength division multiplexer is a kind of solution that fully utilizes passive technology to transmit dense wavelength division multiplexing. It is designed to close the light wavelength in C band range designed to realize long distance transmission of up to 100 GHZ (0.8 nm) wavelength of 48 and 50 GHZ (0.4 nm) wavelength of 96, completely conforms to the ITU g. 694.1, Telcordia GR1221 quality standards.


Product characteristics

High quality no thermal array waveguide grating (AAWG) technology

Double fiber two-way

The monitoring port ensures that the failure can be ruled out without delay

Transparent operation - protocol and network topology independent

1 ru frame installation

Echo loss is greater than or equal to 40dB

Use passive technology without power supply

100GHz ITU, band interval of 0.8 nm

LC/UPC duplex connector, easy support for transceiver and passive device with indirect double jumper

Secure physical isolation between data channels

Typical insertion loss is 3.0 dB and the maximum insertion loss is 4.5 dB

Working temperature is 10 ~ 70 ° C

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