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Hengtong photoelectric won China Mobile 12.43% share common cable 2016

Date: 2017-07-31

    Reported in July 31st, Au Optronics Co (referred to as Jiangsu Hengtong Hengtong photoelectric) announced yesterday, China Mobile officially received Hengtong photoelectric ordinary cable products project bid notice.


hengtong future

    It is reported that Hengtong photoelectric winning project is China Mobile's 2016 year ordinary cable products second batches of tender, second batches of the total procurement volume of about 67 million 604 thousand and 900 core km, about 10.56% year-on-year growth of the first batch of scale and project.

    Hengtong photoelectric winning share reached 12.43% in second batches of project procurement volume, the first batch of 7.38 percentage points higher than in the scalar increased by 172%.

    In the industry supply tension, high share bid reflects the strong manufacturing capability of Hengtong photoelectric optical fiber preform, and is expected to have a positive impact on the performance and profitability in 2017.


Proportion chart of mobile ordinary optical fiber cable

    According to previously reported, second batches of ordinary fiber optic cable about 2 million 379 thousand and 600 skin long kilometers, equivalent to 67 million 604 thousand and 900 core kilometers, and the first batch size is basically quite. (about 2 million 157 thousand skins long and 61 million 143 thousand and 500 km)

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