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The first international 5G STANDARD independent networking technology in San Diego

Date: 2018-07-10

At 20:18 local time on June 13 in San Diego, the 80th TSG RAN meeting of 3GPP passed the frozen of fifth-generation mobile communication technology independent networking function, which also means the first international 5G STANDARD was released.


In addition to the non-independent networking NR standard completed in December last year, 5G has completed the first-phase full-function standardization work and entered a new stage of comprehensive sprint in the industry. This time the SA function freeze not only enables the 5G NR of independent deployment, but also brings a new end-to-end new architecture, enabling intelligent development of enterprise customers and vertical industries, bringing operators and industry partners new business model, and opens a new era of full connectivity.

More than 600 representatives from telecom operators, network equipment vendors, terminal and chip manufacturers etc all over the world witnessed this historical moment. Release16 will be the next 5G standard, and the standard setting work will be completed in December 2019, which the 5G solution will be fully determined by that time.

Ivy Huang

Mr. Hu