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II-VI Photop plans to expand pump laser capacity

Date: 2018-07-10

The world's leading optical network solution provider, II-VI Photop, tannounced on July 9(2018), that it plans to expand its 980 nm pump laser line capacity to meet customers' demand for differentiated products. These lines include a fab in Zurich, Switzerland, a chip assembly plant in Kalamba, Philippines, and a pump laser module assembly plant in Shenzhen, China. In order to cope with the expansion of production capacity and ensure the long-term stability of supply, Photop Technology has signed a long-term lease agreement with the owner of the Shenzhen factory.

全球领先的光网络方案提供商II-VI高意公司7月9日宣布计划扩大其980 nm泵浦激光器线的产能,以满足客户对其差异化产品增长需求。这些生产线包括位于瑞士苏黎世的晶圆厂,菲律宾卡兰巴的芯片组装厂,以及位于中国深圳的泵浦激光模块组装厂。为配合产能扩充,保证供应的长期稳定性,高意已经和深圳工厂业主签订长期租用协议。

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