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  • Hengtong photoelectric won China Mobile 12.43% share common cable 2016

    Time: 2017-07-31

    Hengtong photoelectric officially received China Mobile ordinary cable products project bid notice, the share reached 12.43%, the first batch of 7.38 percentage points higher than in the scalar increased by 172%.

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  • The incoming and demand of radio and TV broadcasting and the influx of private capital are good opportunities for fiber optic cable increment

    Time: 2017-07-27

    With the entry of radio and television and the influx of private capital, the development of China's telecommunications industry has been greatly improved. The demand for optical fiber and cable has been greatly increased, and the demand for various optical fiber products has also increased.

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  • 5G construction will drive China's fiber demand in the next two years

    Time: 2017-07-26

    According to statistics, data show that in 2005, China's optical fiber demand showed a sustained growth trend, and in the access network and transmission network jointly promoted, the next two years, demand will continue to increase.

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  • Adtran gets XGS-PON equipment orders from UK carrier Call Flow

    Time: 2017-07-24

    2017/7/20, the next generation of open optical networking solutions provider Adtran, announced today that it will win the UK Call Flow's XGS-PON equipment order and support Britain's first symmetric, ultra G, super FTTH business.

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