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Standalone Managed 10G OEO Converter (3R Repeater)
10G OEO Converter (3R Repeater)

10G OEO Converter (3R Repeater)

Standalone 10G OEO Converter (3R Repeater) with SFP+ to SFP+ Slot, XFP to XFP Slot, SFP+ to XFP Slot optional, which uses optical electricity optical conversion principle to realize optical signal regeneration, enabling of the optical signal amplification and regeneration, re-timing, and wavelength conversion, with coarse/dense wavelength division multiplexing together to realized WDM transmission. It is now possible to quickly improve communication capacity, expand the bandwidth on present network, while using low-cost, high cost-effective solutions to manage and run the system, easy operation.


l Support 2U Rack (16 Slots) and independent use

l Support network management (Web SNMP, Console)

l Support in-band management

l Support ITUT prescribed DWDM/CWDM wavelength

l 3R function

l Support Jumbo Frame

l Transparent Transpor and very low delay

l Support DMI function for SFP+/XFP fiber module

l Support Loopback test function

l Support PRBS Generator and checker

l Support hot plugging

l Full State Led display

l Easy installation



Performance Data

Technical Indexes

Equipment function

3R Repeater

Transmission Speed

10Gb/s (9.95Gb/s-11.35Gb/s)


IEEE802.3ae (10Gbase-SR/LR/ER/ZR/LRM)

Access Type

10G LAN/ 10G WAN

Interface Type

Type A: SFP+ To/From SFP+

Type B: SFP+ To/From XFP

Type C: XFP To/From XFP

Transmission Distance

SFP+ module: Up to 80Km

XFP module: Up to 80Km

Maximum Packet Forwarding Rate


Network management information:

Card type information

SFP+ or XFP fiber module detection

SFP+ or XFP fiber module DMI function (Temperature, Voltage, Optical power)

Link status detector

Enable/Disabled Loopback test function

Enable/Disable PRBS Generator and checker function

Rate select (10Gbase-Lan or Wan)

Remote card´s status monitor (only in pairs)

Power requirement

Rack-mountable : AC 85 ~ 220V OR DC -48V

Standalone: AC 220V OR -48V

Power consumption: ≤ 6W

Work environment

Operating Temp: 0 ~ 50

Storage Temp: -10 ~ 70

Humidity: 5%~90% (non-condensing)


Card: 115mm(W) × 78mm(D)

Standalone: 156mm(W) × 128mm(D) × 32mm(H)


Order Information





10G OEO Converter (3R Repeater)

SFP+ to SFP+


10G OEO Converter (3R Repeater)



10G OEO Converter (3R Repeater)


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