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HTF Network Management Module

HTF Network Management Module

HTF-NMS is an Management module installable in the HTF Optical Transport Systems.

It performs monitoring and control of the HTF chassis and modules. The Management module is a multiport Ethernet Switch Router functioning as an SNMP agent and reporting to a central NMS. Accordingly, the management module can be remotely accessed by any SNMP NMS either in-band or out-of-band in a switched or routed topology.


With its Linux-based system software and state-of-the-art hardware design, the management module provides many advanced features and delivers an exceptional level of performance, including extensive setup and control of the full range of HTF products



l Security

Ø Linux operating system, open source advanced management methods

Ø High security management environment

Ø Multiple users can concurrently access, without compromising overall security.

Ø Support online upgrade, Future module upgrades are installed easily through remote firmware and programmable logic microcode downloads.

l Multiple management modes

Ø SNMPv1,SNMPv2,Web,Telnet Etc. secure remote in-band management mode

Ø Out-of-band CLI management  

l Graphical User Interface (GUI) management

Ø Complete Java-based embedded management GUI

Ø Fully graphical interface management

Ø Realistic simulation of the actual network topology of the whole network, real-time reflection of the whole network running, the whole network running at a glance

Ø Device panel view, the view interfaces, LED lights, and other information with the device actually consistent view of the panel, easy management, device status at a glance.

Ø Supports manual and automatic topology discovery topology rendering, and can be modified topology attribute

Ø Support electronic map downloads

l Multiple front panel ports for management access

Ø One RS-232 port provides local out-of-band serial access

Ø Four 10/100Base-TX management interface port with auto negotiation and auto MDI/MDIX – easy integration into existing Ethernet networks, provide in-band access remotely from any network workstation.

Ø  Dual 100Base-FX SFP-based interfaces – easy integration into ‘gray’ or CWDM/DWDM optical networks, able to direct East-West WDM ring OSC , provide in-band access remotely from any network workstation.

Ø One E1 management interface port  – easy integration into existing PDH/SDH networks, provide in-band access remotely from any network workstation.

l Advanced Optical Service Channel (OSC) protocol

Ø fast and reliable link failover protection

Ø Point-to-point (P2P)

Ø WDM ring

Ø SFP interfaces Single-span support 40dB loss

Ø Cluster Discovery Protocol – access every shelf in a WDM cluster from any shelf without the need for a static network map or address table

l Extensive management features

Ø HTF chassis, module, and port management

Ø Secure end-to-end network management

Ø Installed module types ,Link status,

Ø Optical performance monitoring (including OSNR monitoring )

Ø Fully supports Digital Diagnostics information

Ø Monitors the devices’ operating temperature, power supply status, fan status

Ø Remote laser shutoff and remote module reset

Ø Enables loop-back functionality for troubleshooting

Ø Configuration of data rate and wavelength selection as well as other module

    specific parameter settings.

Ø SNMP traps Settings,

Ø Syslog – automatic logging of system events

Ø Editable ASCII configuration files – easily create, edit,and save configuration settings

Ø System configuration TFTP upload and download – save configurations on remote servers for easy retrieval and restoration

Ø Remote configuration and software maintenance - System configuration FTP upload/download with easy- to-use editable ASCII configuration files

l Alarm Management                                 

Ø The current alarm query and display

Ø Historical alarm information query and display

Ø Alarm reporting shield

Ø Alarm Display Filter

Ø Alarm acknowledgment

Ø Alarm Severity Table Management

Ø Voice alarms, e-mail alerts, SMS alerts

Ø Mobile Client Management


Performance Parameters

System parameters

Technical indicators

Management mode

SNMP/Web/Telnet/ console

Topology management,

graphical management interface,

CLI management

Management access

1x RS-232

4x 10/100Base-TX

2x100Base-FX SFP

1x E1

Management features

Fault Management

Performance Management

Security Management

Configuration Management

Event Management

Log Management

Alarm Management

Topology management

User Management

Size (mm)

OTU Module

W26.5 × H195 × D252

8-slot chassis

W482.6 x D360 x H109

16-slot chassis

W482.6 x D360 x H261.6


Operating Temperature

-10ºC ~ +60ºC

Storage Temperature

-40ºC ~ +80ºC

Relative humidity

5% ~ 95% Non-condensing

Power Consumption





Ordering Information





HTF Network Management Module for HTF Linux-based system interface, MegavisionJ embedded.

1x RS-232

4x RJ45

2x SFP


HTF Network Management Module for HTF Linux-based system interface, MegavisionJ embedded.

1x RS-232

3x RJ45

2x SFP



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