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Optical Bypass Protection

Optical Bypass Protection System (OBP) is a kind of intelligent optical switch system which can bypass fault node in optical transmission network to avoid breakdown of whole network communication. It can automatically switch by detecting the node’s optical power or signal failure.


l Physical layer protection

l Transparent transmission

l Automatic switching with no interruption

l With LCD screen and control panel

l With network management

l To reduce all loss related to network node fault

l Real-time monitoring optical power of network node


Technical Information



Switching time (ms)

< 15

Standardizing wavelength (nm)


Power range

-50 ~ +23 dBm


± 5%

Insertion loss(dB)



> 50

Return loss(dB)

> 45

Maximum power tolerance (mW)


Power consumption(W)

< 5

Optical connectors


Supervision interface

RJ45, RS-232( or RS-485 )

Working temperature (°C)

-10 ~ 55

Storage temperature (°C)

-20 ~ 70

Power supply

DC: 36 ~ 2V

AC: 85 ~ 264V

Device Chassis Type

19´ 1U




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