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  • HTFuture Chinese New Year festival notice

    Time: 2019-01-18

    HTFuture will be close From 30th January to 11st Febuary 2019, but our sales will handle urgent works at home during holiday. And When we start work after the Spring Festival Holiday, we will arrange the Transceiver Module, DWDM System, Mux, Demux, EDFA, OTU etc parts order as soon as possible.

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  • Hengtong photoelectric won China Mobile 12.43% share common cable 2016

    Time: 2017-07-31

    Hengtong photoelectric officially received China Mobile ordinary cable products project bid notice, the share reached 12.43%, the first batch of 7.38 percentage points higher than in the scalar increased by 172%.

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  • What are the types of 10G SFP+ optical modules?

    Time: 2017-07-28

    SFP+ optical module is widely used in 10G Ethernet because of its small size, low cost and high density. It is especially common in the next generation mobile networks, fixed access networks, metropolitan area networks and data centers. So what are the types of 10G SFP+ optical modules?

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  • Difference between coarse wave CWDM and dense wave DWDM

    Time: 2017-07-25

    DWDM (DWDM) is undoubtedly the first choice technology in the field of fiber applications, but its high price makes a lot of hand not well-off operators is quite hesitant, so CWDM (CWDM) came into being.

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