100G QSFP28-4xSFP28 Direct Attach Cable
● Compatible with IEEE 802.3bj,IEEE 802.3by and InfiniBand EDR
● Supports aggregate data rates of 100Gbps
● Optimized construction to minimize insertion loss and cross talk 
● Backward compatible with existing QSFP+ connectors and cages
● Pull-to-release slide latch design
● 26AWG through 30AWG cable
● Straight and break out assembly configurations available
● Customized cable braid termination limits EMI radiation   
● Customizable EEPROM mapping for cable signature
● RoHS compliant
HTF compatible QSFP28-100G-DAC(QSFP28-4*SFP28) for Cisco,Juniper,Arista,Brocade,HW,H3C,Dell,Extreme,Generic,FS.
The meters can be customized as your requirements, QSFP28-100G-DAC(QSFP28-4*SFP28) 1M, QSFP28-100G-DAC(QSFP28-4*SFP28) 2M, QSFP28-100G-DAC(QSFP28-4*SFP28) 3M.

Switches,servers and routers
Data Center networks
Storage area networks
High performance computing
Telecommunication and wireless infrastructure
Medical diagnostics and networking
Test and measurement equipment

High Speed Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit Note
Differential Impedance RIN,P-P 90 100 110 Ώ  
Insertion loss SDD21 8   22.48 dB At 12.8906 GHz
Differential Return Loss SDD11 12.45   See 1 dB At 0.05 to 4.1 GHz
  SDD22 3.12   See 2 dB At 4.1 to 19 GHz
Common-mode to SCC11   -   dB  
common-mode   2       At 0.2 to 19 GHz
output return loss            
Differential to common-mode SCD11 12 - See 3 dB At 0.01 to 12.89 GHz
Return loss SCD22 10.58   See 4   At 12.89 to 19 GHz
    10       At 0.01 to 12.89 GHz
Differential to common Mode SCD21-IL          
Conversion Loss       See 5 dB At 12.89 to 15.7 GHz
    6.3       At 15.7 to 19 GHz
Channel Operating Margin COM 3     dB

Compatible Brands
Cisco Alcatel Lucent Netgear      
Mellanox Allied Telesis SMC
Huawei SolareFlare Foundry
Juniper Winyao Force 10(Dell)
Dell&EMC ZTE Linksys
Arista D-Link McAfee
Broadcom TP-Link Extreme
Qlogic(Cavium) Ruijie Marconi
Cheisio Maipu Blade
Intel Feixun Hirschmann

Other series AOC/DAC cables

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