DWDM/OTN solution for DCI Data Center Interconnection
1683 2021-08-24
According to related reports, the number of data centers (DC) will increase by 4 times by 2025, and the compound annual growth rate of inter-data center data (DCI) traffic will reach 50%. The growth of traffic between data centers has doubled the lease cost of leased lines. The traffic between DCs has gradually become the main traffic of the transmission backbone network.

The traditional business network construction model based on administrative districts will inevitably shift to a DC-centric network construction model. The new network construction mode realizes the Mesh interconnection between most of the network nodes, and the business adopts a one-hop direct approach to minimize the time delay through the network nodes to ensure the real-time exchange of data between DCs and meet the high real-time of future cloud services Sexual requirements.

The traditional DCI data center interconnection uses bare optical fiber direct drive interconnection. In this way, a single optical fiber can only run a single service, which is far from meeting the needs of large data, large bandwidth, and large traffic expansion between DCs. HTF launched Miniaturized and highly integrated DWDM/OTN solution.

Data Center Cloud Interconnection Solution

Check HTF DWDM/OTN solution for DCI Data Center Interconnection:
● Large capacity & saving fiber
● High quality, low cost per bit connection
● Large granularity: single channel rate supports 100G/200G/400G
● One-fiber smooth upgrade to 32T
● High reliability:
● Dual power supply 1+1 backup
● Dual routing 1+1 automatic switching protection
● Strong scalability: can quickly expand (or shrink) connections
● Secure hard pipeline, deterministic delay
● One hop direct, time delay <10µs
● Low latency enhances the customer experience of traditional services
● Super Intelligent Network Management Platform
● IT-oriented, convenient for IT/IP engineers to operate and maintain
● Automated deployment and rapid service release
● Intelligent, active operation and maintenance, fast and accurate troubleshooting

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